Office 365 Admin Export Mailbox to PST Resolves Email Migration Need Instantly

Are you the one looking for some solution for Office 365 admin export mailbox to PST?

Situations compelling for exporting Office 365 into PST: There are some valid reasons for exporting Office 365 mailbox into PST such as:

  • If you want to avail some of email offline for business continuity when there is business failure or severe business breakdown
  • You want to make forensic analysis of the mail content
  • For regulatory and compliance requirements
  • For archiving and reusing the emails, folders and other crucial data

There is no particular software of some PowerShell cmdlet for exporting Exchange mailbox into PST. You can make use of eDiscovery, which is available in Exchange Online admin centre or else you can go for Import and Export wizard available in MS Outlook for exporting mailboxes with ease.

Manual method of Office 365 admin Export mailbox to PST: Use eDiscovery for manually migrating Office 365 to Outlook PST. Steps are as follows:

  1. Login Office 365 portal and open Office 365 Admin centre
  2. Navigate to Exchange Admin centre
  3. For using eDiscovery management, make sure for assigning Discovery Management in Exchange admin centre
  4. Press Edit icon for adding the required roles for Discovery management role group.
  5. Ensure that Mailbox Import Export, Legal Hold, and Mailbox Search roles are added in the Roles by default
  6. Add account in the members list and press Save
  7. Go back to Exchange Admin Centre Click on Compliance Management and press ‘New’ for launching ‘In-Place eDiscovery & Hold’ wizard. Press ‘Next’
  8. Choose the mailboxes for executing Search
  9. There will be an option for searching the contents in Public folders. Choose the option for exporting Public Folder content
  10. Seek Filtering Options for filtering the emails in Public Folders or Mailbox
  11. Press ‘Finish’ to save the Settings
  12. The next step will be the In-Place hold settings, which is not needed for our requirement to export mailboxes. You can skip this step. Click ‘Finish’ to save your settings.
  13. Once you save the Settings, see the Search Settings and seek the progress with the search option in right pane
  14. Export the search results into PST by pressing ‘Export to a PST file’
  15. Choose the export location for saving the files and start the export process

The manual process seems to be very long. You might come across data loss at times if you are not sure about technical skills. Thus try to avoid using manual solution and choose professional tool.

Office 365 admin export mailbox to PST professionally: You are suggested for using professional application such as NST to PST Converter for converting Office 365 mailbox into PST file format with ease.