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Resolve the Error Code: 'Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File'

The error message, 'Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File' is caused by corrupt and damaged PST files. Resolving the Outlook error can be a daunting task, however, with a little guidance, the user can fix the error without loss of data. In this blog, we will guide you on how to resolve the error code and what causes it. Just make certain that you read the entire blog and opt for the right solution. Selecting an unsafe method can erase the data completely so it is important that you understand to opt for a safe method.

Reasons behind the Error Code: 'Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File'

Most of the Outlook users know that their files can easily get corrupt and that is why we highly suggest having a back up of the data. However, if the users forget to back up files, then don't worry they can still retrieve the data. Now, let us have a look at the factors that cause the Outlook error discussed below:

  • Upgrading the Outlook Version
  • Upgrading the Outlook version is a common reason behind the Outlook error code. When a user upgrades the Outlook version from a previous version and the files are not updated properly, then there is a huge possibility of the old files getting corrupt. Make sure that you upgrade your Outlook version properly so that you don't end up corrupting your entire data.

  • Insecure Network
  • Another reason behind the error is when the user shares the files over an insecure network. When the user is transferring their data over an unsafe network, then the files will get corrupt. If the corruption of files is severe, then the user might not be able to access the data. Make a note of the fact that you opt for a secure network and don't make the mistake of using an insecure network.

  • Exceeding PST File Size Limit
  • Most of the users consume the maximum storage space and exceeding the PST file size limit. There are many users who receive and send emails frequently on a daily basis, thus, exceeding the PST file size limit. When the user outdoes the file size limit, then there is a high possibility that they end up corrupting the files.

  • Damage to the Hard Drive
  • As most of you already know that hard drive is fundamental storage of the computer. If there is damage to the hard drive, then it will also affect the PST files and back up data. If the damage to the hard drive is severe, then the in-built tool will not be able to detect.

  • Accessing Unreliable Tools
  • When a user opts for unreliable tools, then it also causes the error code. While using unsafe tools, the user increases the chances of corrupting their PST files. Just make certain that you opt for a safe and reliable tool to retrieve your data as an unsafe utility tool can erase your entire data. We highly recommend you opt for KDETools PST Recovery Tool to retrieve the data from the damaged and corrupt files.

Resolve the Error Code: 'Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File' by Using KDETools PST Recovery Tool

As you all know that using the manual method is too risky and a long procedure. We highly suggest you avoid using the manual method as it can delete your entire data and cause damage to the files. It is advisable to opt for a safe and reliable automated tool, KDETools PST Recovery tool as it ensures a positive result to the users. The software has many advanced features that allow the user to retrieve their data without any hassle. The tool can repair any type of PST file such as damaged, corrupt, password-protected, encrypted, and etc. files. There are no file size limitations so the user can repair any file size without loss of data. Just make sure that you opt for a safe and professional tool as it will enable you to extract data without risking the security of files.


To resolve the error message, 'Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File' can be a difficult task. Don't worry as we have discussed the reasons that trigger the error in this blog. Just make certain that you pick the right tool and avoid using the manual approach.

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