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Know the Reasons behind OST File Corruption

As you already know that OST files are the duplicate of a user's mailbox saved on the Exchange Server that allows the functioning while Exchange Cached mode is enabled. When the users work in an offline mode, OST files automatically synchronize with Exchange Server mailbox. However, while OST files synchronize, the process can be interrupted due to unstable internet connectivity and eventually OST files can get corrupt or damaged. OST files can get corrupt due to several reasons and majorly the issue arises due to Hardware and Software issues. This blog entails the reasons behind OST file corruption.

What are the Reasons behind OST File Corruption?

Below, we have listed some of the major issues that are responsible for corrupting an OST file:

Hardware Issues

Make a note of the fact that OST files get corrupt due to Hardware issues and this issue arises due to incorrect setup of an application, malfunctioning, exceeding storage space on the hard drive, and etc. Beneath, we have listed some of the major hardware issues that can corrupt an OST file:

  • Slow Functioning of the Storage Device
  • If your OST file gets corrupt, then one of the reasons is due to the slow functioning of the storage device. If you notice that your storage device is functioning slower then it can be due to several reasons such as abrupt slow performance of the storage device, bugs, malfunctioning, virus attack, and etc. If you corrupt your OST file, then make certain that you check the storage device.

  • Poor Internet Connections
  • Another common reason behind OST file corruption is due to poor internet connectivity. If the cables, routers, network cards, and other devices are not functioning properly, then it will affect the process of OST files synchronization. We highly suggest you determine the internet connection and devices to make certain that they are functioning properly.

  • Bad Sectors on the Device
  • Bad sectors on the devices are one of the major reasons behind OST file corruption. It has a strong impact on the functioning of the hard drive and results in corrupting OST files. If your OST files get corrupt, then it can be due to multiple bad sectors on the hard drive.

  • Unexpected Power Failure
  • One of the most common reasons that result in corrupting an OST file is due to unexpected power failure. A user faces this issue when they are working on a file and the system shuts down unexpectedly. The power failure can happen due to several reasons so ensure that your operating system is plugged correctly and you have a power back up.

Software Issues

As most of you already know that OST files can get corrupt due to software issues. A user can encounter such issues due to application failure, virus attack, bugs transmission, downloading applications from an unsecured network, and etc. Below, we have mentioned some of the major software related issues that can corrupt your OST file:

  • Specific Storage Limit
  • As you all know that every specific file has a certain storage limit and when the user exceeds the limit, and then it results in corrupting the data. If a user exceeds a specific storage limit, then there is a high possibility that OST files either will become inaccessible or corrupt. Hence, the user must fix the OST file if they want to access it again. We highly recommend you use the feature 'Compact and Split' and split OST files on a regular basis if you want to avoid corrupting the files.

  • Abrupt Shutting the Outlook
  • Another common reason behind OST file corruption is abrupt shutting the Outlook without exiting the open Windows, Emails, Dialog Box, and etc. Make sure that you avoid shutting a process in between as the files can get corrupt. There is a high chance that the users will not be able to access their OST files again as the application can terminate unexpectedly.

  • Unsuitable MS Outlook Add-in
  • Unsuitable MS Outlook add-ins are also a common reason why the users corrupt their Outlook OST files. To fix the issue and access your OST files again, the users must disable the 'Add-ins' from Outlook by clicking on the 'Add-ins' option and go to the 'Manage' tab. When the users disable the add-ins on 'One-on-One' basis, then the users boost the chances of detecting the faulty add-ins that are responsible for corrupting your OST files.

  • Incorrect Installation of Outlook
  • There is a possibility that Outlook itself is causing errors in the OST and PST files. It can be due to incorrect installation of Outlook or it is a difficult task to detect the reason that is creating an issue. The reason behind the problem can be detected by an expert or the user needs to repair OST file after trying several attempts and this way, they might be able to discover the reason behind the error.

Recover OST Files from Corruption via KDETools OST to PST Converter

If a user is having trouble in extracting data incorporated under OST files, then we advise you opt for KDETools OST to PST converter to recover the files without losing any data. The reasons behind OST file corruption can be multiple, however, with a little guidance and using the right software, the user can easily retrieve data from a severely corrupt OST file. KDETools OST to PST converter is a reliable solution to extract data from a damaged OST file without missing any information.

There are various ways by using which, a user can retrieve data from a damaged OST file, namely, using an automated tool or the inbuilt tool, 'ScanOST.exe'. However, if a user opts for ScanOST.exe, then let us warn you about this method as it can fix only minor issues and not the major ones. This in-built tool is not available in Outlook 2010 version and onwards versions. The user will have to delete the corrupted OST file and re-download it from the Exchange server until the issue gets resolved. This method is not reliable and the user might end up deleting their files permanently. We highly suggest you opt for an automated tool that ensures a 100 % positive result to retrieve data from a severely corrupted OST file.


In this blog, we have discussed several reasons behind OST file corruption. Outlook OST files can get corrupt or damaged due to several reasons and majorly the error arises due to Hardware and Software issues. Make certain that you opt for a reliable solution to fix the error.

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