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Know the Reasons to Convert OST to PST Format

Outlook caters to the diverse needs of business organizations irrespective of their size. A majority of the users synchronize their Exchange Server account with OST files. As most of you already know that an OST file consists of email items in an 'Offline Mode' on the hard drive. When the user signs in their account, all the email elements are downloaded and synchronized automatically. However, in some scenarios the mail item is inaccessible and the user cannot operate their OST files. This is one of the prime reasons to convert OST to PST format. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why a user converts OST file to PST format and how to convert safely.

Reasons to Convert OST to PST Format

Most of the users prefer to switch to PST from OST format and we have listed some of the reasons below in this section:

  • Sudden Crash of the Exchange Server
  • The Exchange server can suddenly crash due to several reasons such as virus attack, unexpected power failure, malicious software, and etc. A sudden crash of the Exchange Server could lead you getting multiple error messages displayed on the screen. It can be a difficult situation to manage as there is a high possibility of not resolving the issue. This is one of the reasons why the users prefer to convert OST files to PST format.

  • Recover Files Even After Deleting
  • Sometimes, the user accidentally deletes their files while clearing the storage space. However, they can still retrieve the data if they convert OST files to PST format. By performing the conversion process, the user can still recover the files.

  • Migrate Files to Multiple Places
  • One of the major reasons to convert OST to PST file format as it allows the user to migrate files to multiple places. If the user converts from OST to PST file type, then it is really convenient when the users switch their company. The user can also migrate the data if they change their operating system.

  • Access the Files During Server Downtime
  • During the Exchange Server downtime, the user cannot access the files. However, if the user wants to use the data, then they cannot access their mailbox items. In order to access the data, the user needs to first convert their OST files to PST file format.

  • Error Displayed on the Screen
  • While using Outlook, most of the users get an error message displayed on the screen. We have mentioned below a couple of the errors:

    • 'Your offline folder file could not be configured.'
    • 'The operation failed due to an installation problem'.
  • OST Files Can Get Corrupt
  • OST files allow users to manage emails even when the Exchange server is not connected. Whatever modifications the user do will synchronize with the Exchange Server when there is an internet connection. The changes made by the user in the OST file in an 'Offline Mode' will be shown in the Server. However, there is a huge chance that OST files can get corrupt due to the reasons listed below:

    • Unexpected shut down of the operating system.
    • Incorrect installation of Outlook
    • Software issues
    • Insufficient storage space
    • Virus or malware issue
    • Accidentally deleting the user account

The above-listed are some of the reasons to convert OST to PST format. The user might face any issue from the above-mentioned reasons and in order to access the files, they need to convert OST files to PST format by using a professional and reliable OST to PST converter. The user can access the OST file by operating the backup data of the OST file. Another way to operate the data is by converting the files from OST to PST format either by using the manual approach or the automated tool. However, let us warn you and recommend you to avoid using the manual approach as it can erase your entire data.

Use KDETools OST to PST Converter to Convert Files from OST to PST Safely

KDETools OST to PST Converter proves to be an ideal solution to convert OST files to PST format without losing even a single file. The tool has an advanced algorithm and a user-friendly interface that makes the whole conversion of files easier. By using the tool, the user can migrate the PST files back to the Exchange Server. The advanced tool has many latest features that allow the user to complete the conversion process in just a few minutes. KDETools OST to PST Converter is compatible with all Outlook versions. The tool enables the user to save the converted files in multiple formats such as MSG, EML, PDF, HTML, PST, EMLX, RTF, and etc.

Prominent Features of KDETools OST to PST Converter

  • The software easily converts inaccessible, highly-encrypted, password-protected, damaged, and corrupt OST files to PST format.
  • The user can preview the files prior to the conversion process.
  • Save files in multiple formats such as PST, RTF, EML, MSG, HTML, and PDF
  • The tool has 'Selective Conversion' feature that helps the user to convert only the selected data.
  • The tool retains Email Meta Data such as journals, calendar, folders, subfolders, attachments, tasks, notes, and etc.


In some situations, the OST files become inaccessible and the users cannot operate the data. In such scenarios, the users prefer to convert OST files to PST format either by using the manual method or automated tool. Avoid using the manual approach and opt for a reliable OST to PST converter.

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