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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Convert NSF to PST Manually

Lotus Notes and Outlook are both widely used email client applications that permit its users to handle emails and store them safely. As most of you already know that Outlook functions with Exchange Server and Lotus Notes with Domino Server. NSF is not compatible with Outlook so if the users want to use NSF files, then they need to first convert the data. There are multiple reasons why a user wants to move NSF files to PST. This blog entails the details on how to convert NSF to PST manually so make sure that you read the blog as we have further discussed a secure solution to perform the conversion process.

Why do the Users Prefer Switching from NSF Files to PST Format

In this section, we will discuss the reasons why do the users convert NSF files to PST format. Below are the possible reasons for the users to switch from NSF to PST:

  • Synchronization of an Account
  • It can be difficult for some users to synchronize their account in Lotus Notes as it requires technical expertise and if an individual does not possess technical knowledge, then they will face a problem, whereas, while using Outlook, the users will not face a problem in synchronizing their account as the process is quite simple as opposed to Lotus Notes.

  • Handling Account
  • One of the benefits of using Outlook is that a user can handle over one account and execute tasks with any account. Lotus Notes allows only an account and the users can only operate one account.

  • Interface
  • Outlook has a user-friendly interface and it is easy to use as the users don't find it difficult to operate Outlook. Whereas the Lotus Notes interface is not easy and some users find it difficult to understand and access it.

  • Saving File Format
  • Outlook users can save their mailbox items in two file types that are, OST and PST file type. Lotus Notes users can save their data only in NSF file format.

The above are some reasons why the users prefer to use PST as their email client application and not NSF. There are multiple reasons why the users switch to PST; however, we have listed some of the major reasons above. If you are wondering why the users prefer using Outlook PST over NSF, then we hope, we have answered your queries.

Find a Free Method to Convert NSF Files to PST Format

Many users often look for a free method to convert NSF files to PST format. In this section, we have mentioned the steps on how to convert NSF files to PST format by using the manual approach. However, we want to warn you about using this technique as it is too risky and you might not be able to convert your data successfully.

Use the 'Import and Export Method' to Convert NSF Files to PST Format

In this section, we will guide you on how to convert NSF to PST manually so make sure that you read the entire section and follow each step and avoid missing even a single step.

Export NSF to CSV

  • Select the NSF files that you wish to convert in PST format.
  • Now, press on the Mailbox > File Menu > Export option.
  • Save the NSF file and click on the 'CSV' tab.
  • Press on the option depending on your requirement from the 'CSV' window.
  • Save the files at the desired location.

Import CSV in Outlook PST

  • Press on the 'File Menu' tab.
  • Go to the 'Export' tab.
  • Now, press on the 'Import and Export' tab.
  • Go to the 'Comma Separated Value' tab.
  • Click on the 'Next' tab.
  • From the available options, click on the option that suits your requirements.
  • Save the files at the desired location.
  • Now, check the 'Checkbox'.
  • Click on the 'Finish' tab.

We hope after reading the blog, we have helped you know how to convert NSF to PST manually. Ensure that you follow each step carefully as one wrong step can hinder the conversion process. It is recommended that you avoid using the manual method as it has its own disadvantages and the user cannot convert an oversized file by using the manual method. There are multiple limitations of using the manual approach so we suggest that you opt for a third-party tool.

Summary : In this blog, we have discussed the steps on how to convert NSF to PST manually. We have also discussed the reasons why the users switch to PST from NSF. If you are looking to convert your NSF mailbox items for free to PST format, then read the blog to find out.

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