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Learn a Direct Free Method to Convert NSF to PST

One of the most common inquiries on the internet is how to convert NSF to PST format with the help of this NSF to PST converter software. There is no doubt that Lotus Notes is a safe and excellent email client application, however, there are various reasons why a user prefers to switch to Outlook from NSF. If you are looking for a free method to convert NSF to PST, then continue reading the blog as we have discussed the method in this blog. We have shared some major reasons why a user switches to Outlook from NSF.

A-List of the Major Reasons Why the Users Convert NSF to Outlook

In this section, we have listed some major reasons why the users switch to Outlook over NSF so read the entire section to find out the reasons:

  • Outlook can be synchronized on multiple devices and the users do not face problem to operate their emails on any device and they can access it without the internet connection.

  • One of the major reasons why the users switch to Outlook is its interface as most of the users find it quite difficult to use NSF. Whereas, Outlook is handled by a beginner as its interface is quite simple.

  • Another major reason why the users prefer Outlook over NSF is that it enables the users to sign in different email accounts, whereas while using NSF, the users cannot open multiple accounts at the same time and the user will have to sign in separately to every account and it consumes a lot of time of the users..

Manually Method to Convert NSF to PST Format

The Free manual method to convert NSF files into PST files is performed in two stages.

  • Export NSF files from Lotus Notes to an intermediate CSV file
  • Import the intermediate CSV file into MS Outlook

Step I: - Convert NSF Files to CSV

1. Start "Lotus Notes" program on the system.

2. Press on the "File" tab and go to the Lotus Notes application.

3. Browse the Lotus Notes NSF files that you wish to transfer.

4. Go to the ‘File’ tab and press on the ‘Export’ button.

5. Save the file in the desired location.

6. You need to choose the ‘Comma Separated Value’ type.

7. The exported data gets saved in CSV file gets saved in the defined location.

Step II: -Convert CSV file into Outlook

1. Run & Launch Outlook and go to the ‘File Menu’ tab.

2. Press on the ‘Import and Export’ option.

3. A dialogue box will appear and choose the ‘File’ option.

4. Now, choose the ‘Comma Separated Values’ tab. Click on the ‘Next’ option.

5. Browse the files and click on the option depending on your requirements.

6. Choose the folder where you want to store the data.

7. Select the ‘Checkbox’ from the ‘Import Dialogue box’. Click on the ‘Finish’ button.

8. The data from the “CSV file” would be imported to “MS Outlook.”

Limitations of the Manual Method to Convert NSF to PST Format

Below are some disadvantages of using the manual method to convert NSF files to PST format:

  • The manual method is complicated and consumes a lot of time of the user.

  • There is a high possibility that the user might not be able to transfer the entire files.

  • The users cannot select particular files and folders to convert.

  • Another major disadvantage of using the manual method is that it can cause damage and corruption.

  • The manual method can be laborious as it takes a lot of time.

  • Avoid using the free method, no matter how tempting it is. There are chances that the user might erase their data.

Using a Professional KDETools for NSF to PST Converter

Use NSF to PST Converter to convert NSF files to PST format as it ensures a positive result. The users can convert NSF to PST format without damaging the data. The NSF to PST Converter software includes many advanced features that make the conversion process faster and safer. It includes the ‘Batch Conversion’ option that permits the users to select multiple NSF files in one go. Avoid opting for the manual method as NSF to PST Converter offers more features and successful conversion of data.

The Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool has the ‘Message Filtering’ option that allows the users to convert files between two dates.

Try to Free Method to Convert NSF to PST

This blog entails the detail on how to convert NSF to PST by using an NSF to PST Converter and the manual method. We have also shared some reasons why users convert NSF files to PST format and listed some major reasons for the switch. Make sure that you read the entire blog to find out a safe method to convert the NSF files to PST format.

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